Thursday, October 03, 2013

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Los Angeles Hipsters: A Continuing Series

Hollywood Hipster, Waiting For A Text Message, With A Teddy Bear Backpack And Zany Head Gear.

Hipster Texting a Yelp Review For His Kale Salad Take-Out.

 Hipster Waiting For Valet Parking.

Hipster Waiting For A LYFT Ride After Buying Kale.

 Hipster Vaping While Listening To Uncle Elmo's Washtub Review

 Hipster Couple At A Farmer's Market Buying Kale.

 Hipster Adjusting Lens-less Glasses To Read The Daily Grilled Cheese (With Kale) Menu.

 Hipster Checking Out The Kale Content In Her Smoothie.

Hipster (And Hipster Son) Wearing A Sherpa Goat Skin Cap, Carrying A Double Decaf Whipped Cream, Kale-Infused White Chocolate Mocha In A Travel Mug Out Walking To A Dog Day Care Place To Pick Up Their Vichy French Bulldog.

 Hipster Checking Out A Bar To Make Sure It's Ironic Enough Before Entering.

  Hipster Wearing A Grass Skirt And Taking Her Pet Hummingbird For A Walk.

 Hipster Wearing Wrestling Boots And Carrying A Divining Rod Trying To Find Kale.