Friday, December 05, 2008

Some Characters I Designed That Never Saw The Light of Day...

These are from 5+ years ago. They were done as concept stuff for a film pitch, and the guy I dealt with was trying to pitch a Flash animated idea way ahead of its time. Anyway he left that studio and stiffed me payment...that's show biz.


These were the original concepts for the lead character 'Franco" a lab rat looking for a way out. He was described as Ron Jeremy meets John Goodman.....I hope neither finds out.


He then became more of a swinging happy-go-lucky type, always ready to hit a karaoke bar...I know, I am a sap.


Then he should feel more this case a Italian American guy from Brooklyn. Happier in general and less rodent-like. Note the "Italian" T shirt. I have no shame.


He then was described as younger and should be better looking. I was sent reference shots of Harry Connick Jr., which was now the direction we had taken. Word of caution...if you get someone starting out by saying Ron Jeremy and then it becomes Harry Connick Jr. they are making stuff up as the go along and absolutely NO good will come of the experience.


Then he was more of a handsome leading man type. All the time getting more human and less ratty.


The last round was back to being very rat-like. In the story he does a kinda transformation from slacker to hero so I did the first pot-bellied one and then got him in shape for the second. I used my own life experiences, except I started out in shape and then ended up with the pot belly...I am also lacking color too.


KM Studios said...

love the italian shirt
wheres his Italian horn charm?

4 Eyed Animation Projects said...

Curses I knew I forgot something!